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ZenSips Eco Drink Bottle

~ ZenSips Eco Bottle ~


Stylish, eco friendly drink bottle avaliable in two beautiful designs! 


- Unique Eco Friendly Drink Bottle

- Made from recycled bamboo and ethically sourced stainless steel

- Durable, lightweight and beautiful! 

- BPA free

- Support local, eco friendly business! 


Hamsa Hand Design...

A symbol of protection which brings its owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune.
Topped with the bamboo Yin & Yang screw top symbolising the opposite contrary forces can be complimentary and interconnected....reminding you to find the perfect balance, even in your busy day to day life. 


'OM' Design...

OM shanti shanti, the divine in me honours the divine in you. 'OM' serves to open and clear the mind, It brings about ascension and expansion of energy. A great mantra and symbol to bring profound peace. 


You can select which design you wish to purchase at the checkout. 


Be the change you want to see in the world! Invest in one of these beautifully crafted eco friendly bottles and ditch plastic pollution. 


The perfect Christmas or birthday gift for that special someone....or just to treat yourself! Mother Earth will thank you :) 


Limited stock avaliable